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Bard Works

features 12 bards, with links to many more

 Special PAX Announcement: 

Bard Works has moved to a new domain to accommodate more of your favorite stories. Fanfic authors are welcome to submit their works to Minsky. Bard Works is home to critically-acclaimed fanfic authors
such as LA Tucker and Sinful.


What's New

November 8, 2002

** updated link to Cate Swanell's story, Heart's Passage

** new featured fanfic: Cate Swanell's Infinite Possibilities.

** Radclyffe's Love and Honor-  Part Three, the much-anticipated sequel to Honor Bound is now available. 

In this third book of the "Honor" series, Blair Powell, the President's daughter, and Cameron Roberts, the commander of her Secret Service detail, return amidst a climate of international turmoil and political unrest. The two women find their love and Cam's career on the line as they become the center of intense media scrutiny and a clandestine plot to destroy the President.

Read On!



October 19, 2002

** Added 3 new poems by Wynterfel, 

A Crystal Spring, Secret Garden and By the Moonlight.

** New featured fanfic: Ripples in Time by Lois Kay and Cbar

Limburg, The Netherlands, 100 AD. The Roman conqueror occupies a large part of the Lowlands. Even though times are peaceful, underneath the surface opposition brews and occasionally the Romans have to fight a rebel army. In this setting, Mor and Isa meet, when Isa is running for her life. The dark, seclusive Mor saves Isa's life, not anticipating the impact that will have on her life. She had a mission. Will she be able to carry it out?



October 5, 2002

** Added Wynterfel's new poems, Friend and Fluid Emotions.

** new featured fanfic: V. Anderson's Letter of the Law.


August 17, 2002

** added part 2 of LA Tucker's new story, Between A Memory and a Dream.


August 4, 2002

** added link to updates on Dreams' The Blind Side of Love. Don't miss out on all the fun. :-)


August 1, 2002

** added part 1 of LA Tucker's new story, Between A Memory and a Dream.


July 21, 2002

** added parts 22 and 23 (the conclusion) to LA Tucker's delightful tale, The Inside Out


July 16, 2002

** added part 21 of LA Tucker's The Inside Out


July 10, 2002

** Added Cat's new inspiring poem, Reach.


July 01, 2002

**  Don't miss another great update by LA Tucker, added part 20 of LA Tucker's The Inside Out


June 23, 2002

  ** added part 19 of LA Tucker's The Inside Out


June 17, 2002

  ** added part 18 of LA Tucker's The Inside Out.


June 09, 2002

  ** added part 17 of LA Tucker's The Inside Out.


June 02, 2002

  ** Part 21 of The Blind Side of Love by Dreams is now available click here.

  ** Chapters 13 and 14(conclusion) of Cate Swannell's Heart's Passage is now ready for your reading pleasure.  click here

  ** added part 16 of LA Tucker's The Inside Out.


May 25, 2002

** The continuation of FlyBigD's Welcome To Paradise is now available, 

Teddy and Holly continue their race against time to build the resort and at the same time deal with their attraction to each other.


May 22, 2002

  ** Do not miss!!!

After a long wait (and I mean, LOOOOONNNNGGG), The Blind Side of Love by Dreams (one of PAX Recommends) has been updated!!! click here.


May 13, 2002

  ** chapter 12 of Cate Swannell's Heart's Passage is now ready for your reading pleasure.

   click here

  ** added parts 13 and 14 of LA Tucker's The Inside Out.


May 12, 2002

  Congratulations to LA Tucker!!! <g> 

  ** Renaissance Alliance Publishing, Inc. is pleased to announce that LA Tucker has signed to have her book The Light Fantastic published under the Yellow Rose Books imprint. More information can be found in the future on LA's author page.

  PAX is truly proud of you!!! 

  The Light Fantastic has also won a Xippy award from the Ausxip site. 






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