You who echoed my laughter
And dried all my tears
Gave me a shoulder to cry on
And soothed all my fears
You who stood by me
When I needed you near
Listened to my woes
When I needed an ear

You who spoke the kind words
I needed to hear
When my spirit was heavy
You gave me some cheer

You who made me see
The lesson behind the pain
Held my hand in the dark
Sheltered me from the rain

You who gave me the faith
To help me endure
Shared in my success
As well as my failure

You who uncovered my eyes
To help me see my true self
Discovered the potential
I didn't see in myself

I would call you friend
But the word itself fails to contain
All the gratitude and love
Our bond - the strongest chain
So all I ask of you is this
Give me but a chance to be
The friend to you
That you are to me