The Light Fantastic

by LA Tucker

Part XVIII :  Of Mice and Magnets


For disclaimers, see Part I

"Uh huh." Chloe mused, as she walked around the large vehicle parked in her driveway.  Sara was standing away from the car, gazing lovingly up and down the exterior.  The car was an old but a lovingly cared for ''classic', with a highly buffed cherry red exterior and an extravagant abundance of shiny chrome. "Uh huh.",said Chloe again, not knowing quite what to say.

"Isn't she a beaut?", sighed Sara, as she ran her hand sensually down the tail fin on the back end of the car.

"Uh huh.", repeated Chloe, as she leaned in the open driver's side window, and her eyes took in the old dashboard, replete with oversize buttons, dials and gauges.  She noticed that the steering wheel had a manual shift connected to it.  The bench seats in front and back were covered with a blood red material, and over that was a semitransparent plastic seat covers that almost resembled ... bubblewrap.  Chloe pulled her head out, and turned to face Sara, who was intently rubbing away an invisible mar on the top of the car. "What, exactly, is it?"

Sara turned, folded her arms, and leaned against the car, albeit it very gently. "It's a 1963 Mercury Comet Cruiser. Completely restored. Only 63,000 miles on her."  Sara, obviously very proud, leaned and looked pointedly at the tires, and waited for Chloe to do the same before she continued, proudly, "Look! Whitewalls!"

"Uh huh.  Pretty sharp. " Chloe was trying to put some enthusiasm into her voice.  I think my grandmother had one of these.

Sara finally caught on to the decidedly unexcited tone of Chloe's remarks. "You don't like her?",  Sara blinked, dismayed and feeling a little hurt.

Chloe thought about it for a moment before she replied. Hesitating, she began. "She's really pretty.  And really ... old.  I was kind of expecting you to pull in here with, oh, I don't know,  something that actually runs on unleaded gas?"  Her lips turned up in an amused smile.

"Well, I was looking at Jeeps, and Blazers and some Accuras, but I wasn't getting, you know, that feeling."  Sara uttered defensively. How can Chloe not love this car? "And frankly, I was pretty bored with the whole process.  Then this Ford dealership guy, he said he had a small collection of classic cars out in a building behind the dealership, and well, we just ended up out there and ..."

"And you got your 'babe magnet'." chuckled Chloe, whose disbelief was slowly being replaced by cheerful resignation.

Sara's body assumed a more rigid posture. "No,  I bought a classic .... " She noticed the large grin on Chloe's face, and she finished up, grinning right back at her, " ...  babe magnet."

"Uh huh."  Chloe peeked in the window once more. "Well, I gotta admit, I do like the bench seat.  Has great potential." She smiled, and wiggled her eyebrows suggestively at Sara.

"You want to try it out after dance practice today?" Sara purred, somewhat relieved that the ever practical Chloe was being accepting of her purchase. "I'll let you ... play with the knobs."  She ducked away from a jab that Chloe threw her way.

"C'mon inside and have a cup of coffee before we go spend our day do-si-do-ing, you hedonist." Chloe just loved it when Sara's voice took on that luscious low quality.

"I am not a hedonist." Sara protested, as she happily followed Chloe into her house, her eyes lovingly glued to Chloe's posterior.

Once inside, both women turned and faced each other, their glances unmistakably exhibiting the pleasure they both shared at being alone.  Chloe gratefully leaned into Sara's arms, and they shared a kiss that demonstrated their dismay at being apart since Thursday.  Sara tightened her hold around Chloe, and deepened the kiss.  Chloe responded with a moan, and let her hands drop to Sara's firm backside, sliding her hands into her jean's pockets. They continued, and then Chloe abruptly pulled away when she felt the deliberate path that Sara's hands were taking on her body.

"Whoa.  We only have a half hour before we have to leave for the school, tiger."  Chloe's heart was pounding like she had just finished a 1000 meter sprint, and took the medal.

"I can accomplish a lot in a half hour.", huffed Sara, searching Chloe's eyes.

"Well, I'd rather not go there until we have real time to ... explore."  Chloe sighed, and laid her head on Sara's chest.

"Yeah,  you're right.  But keep the thought, OK?" Sara echoed Chloe's sigh.

Chloe disengaged from Sara's arms, and gave her a shy bat of her eyelashes. "Like I can think of anything else."  She grabbed Sara's hand and tugged her into the kitchen.  She poured them coffee, doctored it up the way they liked it, and sat down at a chair at the kitchen table. Sara pulled another chair, close to Chloe, so she could keep within reach of her. They held hands while they conversed.

"Not exactly a practical car for around here, Sara."  Chloe blew on her coffee. "I mean, I know it hasn't snowed in a few weeks, but you never know." She ran a fingertip delicately up Sara's arm while she took a sip from the cup. "Let's see, hmm, no front-wheel drive, no air conditioning ..."

Sara responded, up to the task of defending her purchase. "260 V-8 engine, no rust, 2 owners, original AM radio ..."

Chloe smiled into her cup. "Can't wait to see you try and navigate it around the potholes in Dave's driveway ..."

Sara continued, unfazed. "Two door, shift on wheel, cherry red ... " She scooted her chair even closer to Chloe's.

Chloe, noticing the move, shifted her chair until she and Sara were shoulder to shoulder. "Leaded gas, right?  Can you even buy leaded gas anymore?" Her voice took on a decidedly smoky hue.

Sara leaned, maximizing their contact, and dropped her voice in tandem with Chloe's, "Be glad it's not a convertible." Her eyes met the swirling green of Chloe's. "Cherry red ... bench seats ..."

Chloe, caught up in Sara's intense blue eyes, repeated, "Cherry red ... bench seats ..."

Their coffee cups were shoved out of the way, and heads leaned down and upturned, respectively, so they could share another long and heated kiss.

Sara pulled away, eyes alive. "Who would think that bench seats could sound so ... erotic?" she smiled.

Chloe licked her lips, and pushed against Sara's shoulder. "We could be talking brake linings, and I think I'd be getting hot and bothered."

Sara nodded, and playfully ran her finger down the bridge of Chloe's nose. "Don't worry hon,  I plan on taking good care of her.  No winter driving for my 'magnet'.  I'll probably get something more ... "

"Practical?", nudged Chloe.

"Well, I was going to say 'boring', yeah, more practical in the Fall."

"You equate practical with boring, do you?", challenged the redhead.

Sara knew that Chloe was definitely not talking about cars now, and didn't fall into her trap. "Practical can be exciting, too.  I was looking at a Toyota 4-Runner, that had some very ... appealing characteristics, too."

"Nice ... lines?" Chloe's voice practically drew an hourglass figure into Sara's imaginitive mind.

"Wonderful form for such a practical vehicle." Sara moved in, and her lips met Chloe's again.

When that kiss finally ended, they joined hands again. Sara sighed happily. "Well,  enough car talk. There's only so much I can take." She smiled, and nipped Chloe's nose. "So, well, let's see.  What's up with Marcy?"

Chloe was expecting this eventual line of questioning with Sara, and she had prepared an answer for it. "She's OK.  She was ... panicking about something the other night, needed to sound me out about it. That's all."  I hate this ... misleading her.

Sara heard the 'that's all' at the end of Chloe's sentence, and recognized it as a stop sign for other questions she might have.  Something's going on with Marcy, and Chloe isn't going to tell me.  I'm not sure I like this. Sara bit her bottom lip, and tried to decide whether to push Chloe for other information. No.  I might not like it but, no. But it hurts to know I can't be ... trusted?  Included?  Sara, not able to come up with anything better, just nodded, and unconsciously moved a little away from Chloe, her unconscious reaction to the rejection she was feeling.

Chloe noticed the almost imperceptible way that Sara drew away from her, but she knew if she said anything at all, it would draw them into further conversation about Marcy.  I hate not being able to share this with her,  I know it must hurt, I just can't ... dammitall, Marcy, you and your secrets.  Chloe straightened up in her seat, and changed the subject, further emphasizing the end to any talk about Marcy. "So, you and Dave had brother and sister day out, huh?  What did you guys end up doing, besides buying the Comet?"

It was Sara's turn to do a little maneuvering to avoid relaying information that she had promised to keep in confidence. "Well, after driving around Erie and looking at every blasted late model gas hog SUV in existence, and then buying the Comet ... and getting the registration at a notary, getting insurance ... " Sara finished the rest of her coffee, giving her time to think . And Dave surprising me by dragging me into jewelry stores, so I could help him pick out an engagement ring for Marcy. "Well, then we drove around, and ended up going out to dinner,  and then we made a stop at Stan's Bar pretty late last night ..."

Chloe's eyes widened. "Karaoke night ... again?"

"We didn't stay long, but ..."  Sara blushed and looked away.

"But ..." grinned Chloe.

"Well, the crowd did kind of ... encourage ...  Dave and I into singing Prince's 'Little Red Corvette'."  Sara laughed, remembering the crowd's enthusiastic reception.  She glanced at the still grinning Chloe. "Seemed kind of appropriate, given the circumstances."

Chloe pushed her chair back, and grabbed their empty coffee cups and put them into the sink. "Dammit.  I miss all the good stuff.  And Dave sang?  With you?" she said, surprised.

"Well, yeah, Miss Lips, as you may recall, Mr. Kisses has quite a pleasant voice."  I could still strangle him.

Chloe reddened at the memory of Dave crooning to her. "Well, yeah, that he does." She smirked, and moved over to the now standing Sara.  She wrapped her arms around Sara's neck. "Now, I wonder if I can convince you to give a command performance for me later today." She raised her brow, and kept it there, waiting for Sara's reaction to her shrouded invitation.

Sara pulled Chloe in, taking careful aim for those enticing lips again. "Oh, yeah." Just before their lips met,  Sara softly growled a line from Prince's song while looking into Chloe's eyes. "I'm gonna try and tame your little red love machine."



Marcy couldn't help but get the feeling that Sara was giving her the once over through her darkly tinted sunglasses while Marcy was examining the flashy red Comet out in the parking lot of the school.  Sara's cool eyes behind the darkened lenses were surely sizing her up, scrutinizing her, and Marcy was doing her best to ignore the uncomfortable feeling that seemed to permeate her skin. Marcy pushed the feeling down, and wryly commented, "Why do I hear 'Greased Lightning' in my head when I look at this thing?"  She caught the amused expression on Sara's face, and then looked away.  "Won't they allow you to drive something from this century, Sara?"  She snuck a peek at the softly giggling Chloe, who was witnessing the teasing interraction. "Chloe, it looks like you're going to spend your Sundays at classic car shows and tooling up and down Route 5 at fifteen miles per hour. And going to sock hops?" Marcy danced a sober, and thus terrible, version of 'The Twist'.

Chloe winced and smiled. "More like 85 miles per hour."  She laughed in Sara's direction, giving her a wink.  Sara had just driven them from Chloe's house to the school in less than what felt like 2 minutes.  "I think my bladder and other vital organs are still back at my house."

Sara, sticking out her tongue, drolly replied, "It's not the final destination that matters, it's how fast you can get there."

Marcy shot back, "And how many senior citizens you can mow down along the way?"

Chloe leaned in to her friend, and whispered in  Marcy's ear, "Please, oh, please, don't mention the words 'fuzzy dice'."

Marcy clapped a hand over her mouth, and spoke through it, just loud enough for Chloe to hear. "Oh, it's such a temptation. I wanna, I wanna, I wanna ... "

More students were arriving at the school, and made their way over to check out the red automobile. While Sara proudly engaged them in conversation, Chloe and Marcy  began walking towards the entrance of the school.  Chloe laid a hand lightly on Marcy's shoulder. "So, how are you doing today?  What did you end up doing last night?"

Marcy walked them over to a small bench near the doors, and sat down.  Chloe sat down beside her, subtly watching as Sara opened car doors and demonstrated gadgets while the appreciative students looked on. Marcy elbowed Chloe in acknowledgment of where Chloe's eyes were fixed.

"She's a fine looking woman, Chloe.  Even I can see that."  She grinned at the embarrassed pinking of Chloe's cheeks. "I stayed home, did some art work, told Dave I had a headache. End of Friday's story." Chloe turned and looked cautiously at her. Marcy set her face. "No, nothing new, and no, I don't want to think about it, talk about it today. Got it?"

"Got it."  Some things are better left alone ... for now.

There was still ten minutes or so before everyone would have to go into the school to begin rehearsals.  Marcy surreptitiously looked around, and pulled out her pack of cigarettes from her purse.  Chloe raised a disapproving eyebrow at her as Marcy lit one.

"I thought you were through with that. Plus, geez, Marcy, this is school property!" How Doris Raeburn of me!

"You gonna tell on me? Miss Prissy? Today, I don't give a rat's." Marcy blew out a satisfied plume of smoke. "And I'm going to go get a box of those patchy things right after rehearsal today." And cover every square inch of my body with them.

Chloe just shrugged, and pointedly turned her gaze to Sara again. "She asked me what was up with you, and I ... didn't give her a straight answer. I think she felt hurt that I was so evasive."  Chloe watched as Sara laughed at the six students who had somehow squeezed themselves into her new purchase.  Although Chloe couldn't see her eyes because of the sunglasses Sara wore, the tilt of her head and the flash of white teeth in her direction let Chloe know that the smile was just for her.  Chloe tittered. "Look at her, 6 feet of adolescent joy.  You'd think she was 16 again with her first car."

"Yeah, we sure got us a nice pair of D'Amicos, didn't we, Chloe?  Sara's all ... mysterious, tall, gorgeous, and ... cranky. And Dave, well, he's ..."  Marcy choked off a laugh, and rolled her eyes at the bemused face of her friend. "... tall, gorgeous, funny ... and as simple as an unbuttered pancake ."

Both friends began laughing at Marcy's dead on assessment of the D' Amico siblings. "Uh oh, " warned Chloe, between snorts. "Here comes 'Miss Cranky' now. Straighten up!" Both Marcy and Chloe immediately sat up, and tried mightily to wipe their guilty grins off their faces.

Sara slowly flipped up her sunglasses, squinting at the two friends in turn. She began interrogating them. "Uh huh?  Planning to overthrow the government over here? Thinking of devious ways to talk me into buying a Taurus?  Trying to remember who's a Justin and who isn't? ... I have trouble with that myself sometimes. " She grinned and looked back towards her car, which still was surrounded by inquisitive students. She gestured for Chloe to move down and make room for her on the small bench.

Marcy leaned across Chloe, who had to sit back, and flippantly said to Sara, "No, Chloe was just telling me what she has planned for you later today."

Sara leaned across Chloe, too, effectively sandwiching her awkwardly between the actress and the artist. "Do tell!  Did she mention anything about ... Little Debbie's and ...  Vicks Vapo-Rub?"

Marcy brought her head even closer to Sara's, squeezing Chloe even farther back. "Nope. Sorry to disappoint you. It was more along the lines of ... her dressing up like ... Evita Peron ... and then you..."

Marcy didn't get a chance to finish her sentence, because a quite flustered Chloe pried her friends apart. "Oh, c'mon, Marcy, that was five years ago!!"  They all laughed, and Sara lightly squeezed Chloe's thigh.  The students were starting to file into the building past them, so all three stood up, and let Chloe go up the steps in front of them.  Chloe heard both women behind her snigger, then a soft rendition from her two friends wafted up the hallway from behind her . Her shoulders cringed in embarrassed reflex.

"Don't cry for me ...  Ar-gen-tin-a,  the truth is, I nev-er left you ..."



Chloe threw her jacket on the hook by her front door, and smiled as Sara did the same with hers.  They stood there a moment, just looking at one another.

Sara, never wavering from her gaze, said, "Turn off your answering machine, Chloe."

Just the edges of Chloe's mouth raised upward.  She walked into the kitchen and completed her mission, then returned and leaned in the doorway, looking at Sara, who was standing, waiting, just to the side of Chloe's coffee table. The tall woman hitched her thumbs in her jeans pockets, and looked expectantly at Chloe.

Looks like it's up to me. Oh yeah. Chloe leaned a little farther into the archway, and folded her arms.  Her smile was inviting and coy. "Answering machine is off.  I even turned the ringer off the phone. Front door is locked, so is the back."

Sara's eyebrows rose, and then dropped, a smile playing across her lips. "No storms coming. Marcy and Dave, and I think, Nelson, are out for the evening." She raised her eyebrows again, just for emphasis. "Have any late fees you need to go collect?"

"Not tonight." said Chloe, not moving from her spot. "Have any greens that need watered?"

"Not tonight.", echoed Sara, admiring the pink glow that was gracing Chloe's features.

"Any ideas about what you'd like to do this evening?" Chloe's voice was low, and teasing.

"More than a few." Sara replied, head tilting to one side. She looked Chloe up and down very slowly, then stopped to catch Chloe's eyes again. "How about you? Any ideas? I'm open to suggestions ... "

"Well, I thought maybe ..." grinned Chloe, whose body was getting quite warm from the purposeful examination Sara had just given it.  Her eyes never leaving Sara's, she walked over to her near the coffee table, and carefully extracted a hand from Sara's pocket, and held it lightly in hers.  She flipped it over, and lightly ran her thumb down it, and then across the arced lines dissecting the soft palm. She raised it, palm toward her, and softly kissed it, and then looked up at Sara, whose eyes were showing a mixture of emotions that Chloe quite easily understood.  Sara ran her palm across Chloe's cheek, and stepped closer to her, their bodies not quite touching, and she cupped her cheek, waiting for Chloe to finish her thought. " Chloe, still lightly holding Sara's hand at her face, blinked and nearly trembled at the light caress. She gazed intently into those darkening blue eyes. "...maybe I should take you on a tour ... of the rest of the house?"

"I'd like that." Sara's voice was so low, she barely heard herself speak. "Where do we start?"

Chloe softly pulled Sara's hand down from her cheek, and intertwined their fingers.  Pulling slightly on her arm, Chloe started moving towards the short hallway past her bookcases. Her voice was serious, ripe with single-minded purpose. "I thought the bedroom."

Sara felt no need to reply to that, as she let Chloe pull her down the hallway and then into the small but cozy bedroom. Even given the importance of the moment, Sara couldn't help but be staggered when she saw the bed, with the carved mahogany headboard that climbed nearly halfway up the wall. Chloe never stopped her gentle pull on Sara's arm until they were both standing next to the behomoth. Sara was fascinated with the bed, whose mattress surface seemed to be even with Chloe's waist. Sara, amused, looked at the bed, and then met Chloe's eyes. "I thought you were afraid of heights."

Chloe ran her hands up Sara's sides, and then placed them lightly on Sara's shoulders. "I'll have you to hold on to ..." she said firmly, and then smiled. Sara's arms wrapped around her waist, and pulled Chloe closer to her. Chloe let her arms entwine around Sara's neck, and began to pull the tall woman's head to her for a kiss. But just as their lips were to meet, Sara spoke.

"Uh uh.  First things first."  Chloe, just a breath away from the lips she wanted to kiss, felt Sara's hands tug on her shirt tail, and slowly, Sara pulled upwards, trailing her fingers along newly exposed skin as she went along.  Chloe's heartbeat increased in proportion to the height that Sara's fingers were achieving.  Chloe loosened her grasp around Sara's neck, and for a quick moment, their gaze at each other was broken by the necessity of pulling the garment over Chloe's head. After a quick glance, Sara tossed the sweatshirt onto a nearby chair, and with an ever broadening smile, she bit her bottom lip as she appreciatively pondered the new expanse of skin, of softly delineated cleavage that lay  before her. Her breath hitched, and knees usually strong and purposeful now felt slightly weak and unsure. She caught the shyness in Chloe's eyes, and lifted a hand from Chloe's side, and ran it lightly through the reddish shagginess of Chloe's hair. "You've got bed head already." she smiled,  and took a moment to revel in the softness of Chloe's hair between her fingers.

Chloe closed her eyes at the soft gesture, and then slowly opened them, again locking onto those features of darkening blue that she felt helpless to escape. Her hands traveled down, and pulled Sara's T-shirt from the waistband of her jeans. Chloe's fingers wafted lightly over Sara's navel, then just as quickly, she tucked two fingers down into the edge of the denim there, lightly stroking the skin of Sara's abdomen, then pulling them out again, and taking her time, she deliberately began to roll the T-shirt material upwards.  Sara's arms dropped loosely to her sides,  and she watched as Chloe carefully rolled and lightly stroked Sara's belly, across her ribcage and then, Chloe paused, took a  breath, and deftly lifted the rolled cotton just high enough to expose Sara's breasts.

Chloe's eyes lingered over each breast in turn, and she could feel the heat of Sara's gaze as she watched her. Chloe's thumbs, hooked under the T-shirt, holding it at heart level, could feel the pronounced thrumming of Sara's heart.  Chloe leaned in, and almost, but not quite, let the skin of her cheek graze across a hardening nipple. She repeated this again, and smiled as Sara unconsciously arched towards her, wanting real contact to be made. Chloe smiled in her denial of this, and turning her head away, she looked up again at Sara, who was now visibly shivering.  Chloe pulled even higher on the T-shirt, and the taller woman had to step a little away from her so she could bend to help in the removal of the clothing.  The shirt was flipped quietly to join Chloe's on the chair.

"We've got to even things out, don't you think?" said Sara, her voice smoking a path to Chloe's ears. She noticed the slight blush that began to deepen, ever darker, into Chloe's cheeks, and it elicited a low chuckle from Sara. Her arms encircled Chloe and she brought her hands to the clasps that held Chloe's bra, and began to unfasten them. "I forgot.  You're very shy." Sara whispered, and task efficiently completed, she pulled the loosened straps over Chloe's shoulders, and both women stopped breathing for a moment as defined cleavage gave way to the now fully exposed fullness of breasts. Sara did not tease them, as Chloe had done to her, her desire belayed any notion of restraint.  She quickly cupped them with warmed hands, and she let out a small moan of appreciation at the feel of them,  and felt the quick intake of breath that her touch brought from Chloe. Her want spiraled higher, and previous ideas of constraint were discarded by both women simultaneously.

Hands now traveled and sampled each other's skin, lips following their own course, tongues expressing the desire to taste and pleasure the other. Moans were exchanged in realization of caresses both given and received.  Fingers kept brushing the boundaries set by their remaining clothing, and as Chloe aimed for the button on Sara's jeans, Sara's mind grasped the intent, and directed her to accomplish the same task that Chloe was pursuing.  Zippers sounded out at their lowering, and both women, caught up in kisses and licks being exchanged elsewhere, blindly and instinctively succeeded in ridding themselves of their clothing, letting their jeans pool at their feet, and both quickly stepped out of them. Underwear soon followed, hastily shed in the pursuit of both women to escape their sudden inability to remain upright any longer. Only socks remained, and deep in the recesses of their minds, they knew that these last vestiges of clothing would be shed, too, at some opportune moment, but not this opportune moment.

Chloe, skin demanding more intimate and prolonged contact, wavered slightly, and then lifted onto the edge of the bed, and with eyes calling her desire, she leaned back, and pushed her way almost to the large headboard,  prone, speaking a silent invitation for the still standing Sara to join her. Chloe watched as Sara carefully placed a knee on the end of the bed, and then sinuously prowled her way up Chloe's body, straddling her, raven hair trailing an erotic path on Chloe's skin, and finally, she arrived, hands propped at either side of of Chloe's shoulders. Blue eyes looked down into summoning green, and she waited there, asking for yet one more invitation. Chloe's arms did her bidding for her, and she pulled Sara down for their first kiss, mouth to mouth, that was to be shared with that delicious feeling of body on body. Sara's lips met with Chloe's and as their mouths opened, and tongues met, she lowered herself down, legs between legs, then a meeting of abdomens, and finally, breasts first softly grazed, then melded together.

Complete contact established, Sara wrapped her arms about Chloe, and quickly rolled them over, so Chloe was now on top, and Sara could experience the wondrous weight of Chloe on her. She kissed up a groaning Chloe's neck, pausing at her ear to murmur, "I'll remember my promise, if you remember yours."

Chloe's mind, usually stymied by recalling past events, snapped to, and latched on to the memory of the promises shared in that dim classroom on that Saturday not long ago. That remembrance ignited an even more intense fire in Chloe's core, and as Sara made good on her promise of marking her where no one could see, Chloe slid down, and without hesitation, exuberantly delivered on her end of the bargain, by replacing her hand on Sara's breast with her mouth. Sara arched into her, raising them both off the bed, but Chloe merely rose to the occasion, her tongue enjoying the different textures beneath it. When Chloe switched her attentions to Sara's other breast,  Sara growled in pleasure, and rose again, this time rolling them over so Chloe was on her back again. Chloe, so engrossed in what she was doing, almost didn't realize the turning had happened, until she felt the tickling of the ends of Sara's hair brush across her cheeks as she pushed into Chloe's mouth.

Sara's brain and body were spinning in near frenzied tandem, there were too many things she wanted to do, too many emotions she wanted to experience, and she was floating and falling at the same time.  She opened her eyes to enjoy Chloe's heated administrations to her aching breast, and the sight made her cry out in pleasure.  She lifted off of a complaining Chloe, and straddled her hips, resting her own hands on her thighs while she took a moment to consider how she wanted to proceed. Chloe, opening her eyes and seeing that Sara was lustily planning her next move, stilled and enjoyed the sensations of Sara's center touching and warming her abdomen. Sara sat back, and looked down over her new lover, taking in the milky white skin, lightly covered with freckles, with a decorously placed mole here and there. She could feel Chloe's hip bones beneath her, a sharp and hard contrast to the softness of the rest of her.

Sara blinked and watched as Chloe ran her hands down Sara's arms, to meet with Sara's own hands on her thighs.

"I love you, Chloe." Sara said simply, but never meaning anything more in her life.  She leaned back down towards her, expecting to seal that utterance with a kiss.

Chloe rose up to meet her, and pulled her back down as their lips met again.  Chloe entangled her fingers into Sara's thick hair, gently holding her, yet pulling her in deeper as their kiss became more burning, and in turn, demanding.  Sara broke for a breath, and then nipped at Chloe's bottom lip, and her hands found Chloe's breasts and the kiss began anew.

There was a new urgency now, as Sara felt Chloe begin to writhe in response below her, and Sara' mouth wanted to explore the territory that her hands found so enjoyable. Her mouth was just closing over the surface of Chloe's breast when she heard Chloe gasp out a fevered "Yes. Sara ..."

Words were replaced by moans, as the two women continued their explorations of each other. The room, cool when they had entered, now was warming in response to the heat rising from the women.  Skimming fingers followed impatient tongues in the hollows of necks, light fondles became deliberate squeezes when urged on by an encouraging sigh. Skin heated by caresses was cooled by the cotton of the sheets beneath them.  Eyes closed and then opened, adjusting to the light, and to the sight of the new lover before them.

A battle was being fought, for neither woman was the most passive or submissive of souls.  It became apparent to them that positions did not matter, the top holding no power, the bottom ceding no surrender.  Control, or the lack of it, ebbed back and forth between hands, mouths, legs, bodies and minds. Strategies for the aggressor of the moment were waylaid by more clever counterattack strokes.  Both women wrestled their thoughts and notions of their perceived roles, and mutually tossed preconceived notions about the other out the window.

"You're not going to give in are you?," panted Chloe before she began nipping Sara's shoulder. She was again straddling Sara, whose hands were kneading the muscles along Chloe's spine, trying to pull her closer, before she dropped her hands even lower, to scrape her nails across Chloe's rounded buttocks.

"No. You aren't either, are you?" Sara growled, and put her hands on Chloe's shoulders, tugging the fiery redhead above her down, and then bending her leg and raising it firmly to maximize the contact with Chloe's center.

Chloe closed her eyes and for long moments, indulged herself in the feel of Sara's firm thigh pressing onto her very enervated flesh. She was enjoying this contact too much to want it to end, but needed more.  She dropped a hand on Sara's other thigh, and her fingers teased her way higher, adding more pressure to her circling strokes until those fingers reached their goal.  Those fingers stopped there, and then began a maddening dance, ever deeper past dark, slick curls.

Sara, who moments earlier, was very sure that Chloe would succumb to her wants, now blinked back her surprise at being ambushed by a very crafty and determined redhead.

"Oh God, Chloe..." she said through gritted teeth, enjoying each stroke of Chloe's fingers, and lifting and moving into them. Her desire stoked higher, and wanting to feel Chloe the same way, she reached her hand and deftly infiltrated the space between her thigh and Chloe's center. Sara's discovery of the hot wetness she felt there made her shiver with breath stealing need, and her attention was alternately and dizzyingly split between the pleasures she was both giving and receiving. "Chloe, you feel so good ..."

"Oh God, Sara ..." echoed a heated Chloe, who paused only a moment in her ministrations when she felt Sara's fingers grazing, then massaging her very core. The pressure was intoxicating, and she shifted only slightly to give Sara total access.  Sara grunted her approval, and renewed her massage. Each woman's heartbeats now became an incessant drumming, echoed in the throbbing that would now only cease in the moment of release.  Chloe felt gravity and desire pulling her down from her sitting position high on Sara's thigh, and she slowly dropped her head into the space between Sara's breasts.  Sara sensed the noticeable change in Chloe's breathing and the growing turgidity beneath Sara's strokes. Her fingers slowly began a descent farther into Chloe. Pausing just a moment, she entered her, and began deliberately stroking, outside and in, again.

Chloe, breathless for a moment at the feeling of Sara inside of her, cried out her name, and began rocking to the motion of Sara's fingers. Her own fingers, envious of the intimate contact, took their cue from Sara's actions, and gently urged the dark haired woman open. Sliding ever deeper inside, Chloe's fingers were greeted by the warm, wet muscles that contracted around them.

"Chloe, oh Chloe ... yeah, that's it ..."  Sara rumbled, her demanding tone betraying the desire and pleasure she felt.

The lovers experienced similar thoughts.  They both wanted to sustain these pleasures, to bask in the heady pulsing coursing along all of their nerve endings.  But this was their first time, and the need to feel the sweet and heated release, of both themselves and in the other was too great to prolong this any longer.  Strokes continued, breathing became more labored. Grunts and moans and sighs intermingled, passions flared, and blazing determination set in.  They inspired each other, their utterances urging and encouraging the other to let go, to succumb to their need for the other's release.

Sara felt Chloe's impending surrender, and needing to see her lover's face, she reached her other hand to gently lift Chloe's head from her chest, just far enough so she could look into her lover's eyes. Green eyes darkened with desire blinked as Sara delivered the touch and the words that sent Chloe up and over the edge to a powerful climax.  "Chloe, I need it. Please ... I want you."

One more stroke, and with those words echoing in her ears, Chloe felt herself begin to give way, delicious sensations and tremors coursed through her body. Sara watched with hooded eyes as Chloe's body tensed and stiffened, and felt the circle of muscles quaver tightly around her now stilled fingers. Chloe's eyes hopelessly tried to remain in contact with her lover's, but the emotions were too great, and her eyes fluttered shut. Chloe released a mighty and soulful cry of unbridled carnal celebration. The combination of the excitement of Chloe's loud, lusty cry, and the torrent of emotions flowing over her face, stormed Sara's senses, and her own powerful climax began just as Chloe's reached its peak.  Sara's own guttural cries mingled with that of her lover's, and she closed her eyes to ride it out, still seeing the flush of the redhead's face in her mind, intensifying an already fierce and overpowering orgasm. Arms reached out blindly and they shuddered into each other.

The sound of pounding heartbeats in their ears slowly gave way to an awareness of the other's labored breaths.  Chloe had collapsed fully on top of Sara's body, and Sara's bent leg slowly descended onto the mattress, bringing the rest of Chloe down in the process.  Little hums of contentment vibrated in their throats as they languidly shifted into each other, Chloe breathing softly into her lover's ear. They lay prone, spent and peaceful, each silently giving thanks for the other, each conveying in small touches their profound reverence for the moment.

Chloe stirred herself first, lazily draping both a leg and arm across Sara, and after blowing a satisfied sigh into Sara's ear, she murmured, "I love you, Sara. I really do."

Sara shook herself out of her reverie, and tightened her arms around the smaller woman. Not opening her eyes, but having to clear her dry throat, just to make sure she could speak, she quietly agreed. "I can tell."  She squeezed her arms tighter, and smiled at the squeak that Chloe emitted. "I love you, too."

The two women lay quietly a little longer, before Chloe moved and propped her head onto her elbow, examining the dark features of the woman before her. Sara's eyes were still closed, but as Chloe reached out to tenderly move some tendrils of hair from Sara's forehead, Sara's lips curled into a sexy grin, and she blinked her eyes open to meet the eyes of her new lover.  They regarded each other seriously, trading small touches, allowing their eyes to speak for them for a short while.  Sara ran a thumb across Chloe's lips, remembering the feel of them on her body, on her mouth. Quietly, deliberately, she pulled the redheaded woman to her, to share a slow and reaffirming kiss.  Chloe's lips lingered on Sara's, softly moving her kisses over her chin, nose, cheeks and hair before again settling her head next to Sara's ear. Chloe sighed, a long and heartfelt one, and Sara let out a startled chuckle.

"What are you giggling about?" smiled Chloe.

"That sigh into my ear." She lifted an arm into Chloe's view. "Look. Goosebumps." She chuckled again, and then added, "And I don't giggle. I haven't giggled since I was 10."

"Sounded like a giggle to me." I still have my socks on!

"Was not. I ... chuckle, maybe. Laugh, yes. Giggle, no." Sara's glittering eyes betrayed her false attempt at sounding annoyed.

"That was too high to be a chuckle.  Chuckles are ... deeper.  That had a certain ... Minnie Mouse quality to it.  Minnie doesn't chuckle." Chloe challenged.

"There's nothing Minnie Mouse about me." Sara defended herself, and then ... chuckled, making sure it came out as deeply as possible. "Maybe MIGHTY Mouse, yeah."

Chloe slid more of her body onto Sara's, and looked with dancing green eyes into her lover's laughing blue. "OK, it was a 'chiggle', how's that?" Before Sara could answer, she darted her tongue between Sara's lips, who got the hint, and parted them to allow Chloe access.  Their tongues mingled, and Sara's arms pulled Chloe's body more fully on top of her, and the kiss deepened, and the two new lovers began a new and heated embrace, effectively ending the debate over chuckles, giggles, and the subtle nuances of mice's laughter.

Continued in Part XIX
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