Yet another mushy love poem

You fill my universe with hue,
my world orbits around  thoughts of you...

Sentences slither out of solitude
to form sparkling stanzas joining the multitude
of stars cascading across the night,
each dying to embrace you in its silver light.

Each prose twists itself into a rose
To fill a garden where all that grows
blooms for you, and you alone!
Waiting for you to harvest what you've sown.

Sonnets stretch their wings and begin to sing,
Haikus come popping out like flowers in the spring,
Odes embark on a mission to explore
to map every facet of you that I adore

Every aching verse of mine turns into a hand -
A phantom limb that stretches far across the land,
Beyond oceans, plains, valleys and over mountain peaks
Just to have a warm your cheeks

** Copyright 2002 to PAX. Do not reproduce without the consent of the author, Wynterfel.