Source of Hope

Your words
sharp as blades
pierces through
the cold facade
I've placed
before my heart

 And as you lay
as your words
your own fragile

The frozen tears
inside me
and I cannot
but cry

Friend, I am here

I see the tears in your weary eyes,
I hear the echoes of your silent cries,
Heed now as I try to write,
Words which would ease your plight:

Though I know joy is only fleeting,
Hearts often burdened by too much weeping,
There'll be an end to all this mourning,
All this pain is part of learning.

Though dreams are soon forgotten,
Promises too often broken,
This truth I know completely,
In the dark, stars shine more brightly.

The source of hope is in the hoping,
The gift of love is in the loving,
The power of dreams is in its weaving,
And the meaning of life - is in the living.

So take my hand and always remember,
We can face anything when we're together...


** Copyright 2002 to PAX. Do not reproduce without the consent of the author, Wynterfel.