I am jealous of the wind -
the way you allow her careless fingers
to caress your silken cheeks,
to tangle phantom fingers in your hair;
While my own fingers are clenched
like petals stubbornly refusing to bloom.

 I am jealous of the sun -
the way you permit her to burn kisses
on your pale skin,
While my lips betrayed by silence;
reap their solace from the caress
of your name on my tongue.

 I am jealous of the rain -
the way you blossom under the cascade
of heaven's tears,
crystal rainbows clinging to your skin;
While I taste the bitterness of tears
tracking down my cheeks.

 I am jealous of the night -
the way you abandon yourself
into her dark embrace,
greeting her messenger with a smile;
While my own heart secretly bleeds
in the shadows.

I am jealous of the stars -
the way you seduce them
with your ocean eyes,
helpless they, no choice but to fall;
While I, have been eternally dreaming
of drowning, in those same depths.


** Copyright 2002 to Wynterfel. Do not reproduce without the consent of the author.